Overwhelmed by your emails? Try this tip.

According to a recent survey by Adobe, people in office jobs spend an average of 5hours and 30 minutes on their emails per week day. Seems a lot to me!

One of the reasons we spend so much time on our emails may be that we keep our inbox open in the background of our desktop, with the idea that we can instantly answer emails, or send one whenever we feel like it. And not only do we do that for our work emails, but also for our personal emails.

One technique that I started to use is to incorporate “emails slots” in your daily routine. Put a timed slot (45min is a good time in my own experience) in your daily calendar dedicated to answering and sending emails. The idea is to force oneself not to open the inbox outside of these slots. My slots are: first thing in the morning, before lunch, and late afternoon before leaving the office. With this technique, you are in control of your emails and decide when to answer them, and you will also increase your productivity for the many other tasks that you’re supposed to do during the day!

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